Ingrid Jejina
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The person Ingrid Jejina
.. Always a tourist and always at home ..


Shifting memory and dislocation relating to the Now are main themes within her performative work, between Being Here and Being There. "Rituals", "ceremonies" and "cultural artifacts" emerging from this contexts form new ground to Be. Language shifts and interpretations mingle.

In recent years Ingrid Jejina's work has focused on interactive multi - media performances/ projections and installations presented during artist-in-residencies and at art spaces as galleries exchanging with the world.

She routinely addresses issues related to displacement and people's relationship to their cultural homelands where tourists become residents and vice versa.
Between Being Here and Being There. From the past to the present towards the future. Between play and belief.

Jejina is interested in the distance between memory and reality. The migrating factors and it's translations onto new ground lead the viewer or/and participant to the multiplicity and its various layers within the projects.
She focuses on the forces of change and interpretation and how these forces manifest themselves in people's lives and construct traces left behind, a map of the moments.

Using memory and stories to engage the audience in a dialogue of personal histories and experiences, the interaction related to a ritual itself becomes a subtext for a broader concern for finding common ground and differences as shifts across cultural values within a global context.

In a selection of imagery, a series of these traces unfold. The four main pillars overlapping each other are 'Performance', 'Installation', 'Projections (photo/ video)', 'Traces of Impressions'.
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Jejina's projects, exhibitions, performances, collaborations, rituals, workshops as lectures have been presented in the Netherlands, Germany, Croatia, New York, California, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Bangkok, Singapore, India, Switzerland, Canada and West-Africa.

Her education has been a multiplicity of disciplines interweaving in Theory and Practice: Languages, Theater and Drama Science, Film and Literature, Dance Forms and Fine Art at universities in Germany, The Netherlands and the US.


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